Talented all around


Hair/Makeup/Waxing Specialist
Introducing our “triple threat”: Amber is naturally creative in every aspect of her life, and especially so with hair, makeup and waxing.

Amber is an amazingly talented stylist most revered for her mastery of creating vibrant, stunning redheads and platinum blondes. She loves to work with clients who like their look a little edgy and outside of the mainstream.

An inspiring visionary, Amber can create looks for you that you’ve never thought possible.


Color Specialist
Best described as warm-hearted with a whimsical nature, Cat sees the beauty in all with which she comes in contact. She will entertain you with her comedic timing and impart priceless words of wisdom.

This exceptional hair-color specialist has a passion for providing the highest quality and precision in every color she creates. Her ability to adapt artistically is apparent in the loyalty she receives from her diverse and longstanding clientele.


Hair Stylist
Chambrey prides herself on her ability to work with each client’s natural hair texture to create looks that the client can easily recreate at home. Her attention to detail, technique and her natural skill in creating classic hairstyles has allowed her to excel in this industry and build a faithful following.

Chambrey continues her education here in Seattle, as well as in New York and Los Angeles in order to keep on top of current trends and to learn new techniques, which are the cornerstone of this industry.


Hair Stylist/Fashionista
Erin loves the creative aspect of hairdressing and has discovered that styling hair is an excellent medium for her artistic expression.

Beginning her career as a graduate of Gene Juarez Academy and certified extension specialist, she continues to seek advanced education in all aspects of her career. Always being able to offer her clients the latest looks is paramount for this fashionista.


Hair Stylist
Kanoe brings an infectious personality and style to our team and salon. Her attention to detail and calm demeanor brings a peace of mind to every client sitting in her chair.

Graduating in the same class as Joe from Gene Juarez, she continues to have a heart and desire to excel in her craft. Her dedication and whole persona will take your breath away.


Hair Stylist
Lauren graduated top of her class as valedictorian at Gene Juarez Academy for the class of 2016. She brings an infectious smile and vibrant personality as she grows in her trade as a stylist.

Always listening and soaking up every opportunity to learn, she is a student becoming a master. Lauren is not only becoming a popular on demand stylist but brings an incredible burst of energy to the Joe Bae Salon team.


Hair Stylist
As one of the newest additions to the team from Ohio, Lindsay brings a very creative eye to hair dressing. With her passion and desire to grow in her craft, she keeps a strong pulse in the trends within the industry.

Although soft-spoken, she shows a strong voice in her work as she is meticulous in every stroke of the color brush or cut with the shears. Lindsay prides herself in delivering exactly what her clients request, so you can always expect top-notch service and quality.


Hair Stylist
With over a decade of experience, Lynda exhibits a perfect balance of natural technical ability and creative artistry. She continues to build her long list of loyal clients continues to build by approaching each style with a strong technical foundation in mind, while adding the stylish elements of texture and color to create current looks designed to endure between salon visits.

Lynda takes great pride in her ability to make each client feel welcomed and appreciated with her quick wit and warm, friendly disposition. As the salon founder (formerly "We the People Salon"), she understands the importance of excellence in customer service and the special relationships that need to be built in order to truly satisfy our clients. With this invaluable experience, Lynda continues to share her insights with Joe and Daniel to assist in creating their vision for Joe Bae Salon.

Lynda is truly an inspirational person who leaves you with a smile in your heart.


Hair Stylist
Enthusiastic, friendly and motivated, Maretanna continually seeks ways to enhance her skills in, and passion for, creating beautiful color and complimentary styles. She revels in the art of balayage and loves to enhance clients’ beauty with this creative, customized technique.

Hair extensions is one of Maretanna’s favorite services to perform for her clients. She shares so much of that "instant gratification" excitement with clients who are unable to have naturally long locks.


Hair Stylist
Joe is in love, and there are only a few things that he loves more than what he does for a living. He does not consider himself to be going to work, but to a place where he can go to be surrounded by his closest friends. He does not create a clientele; he creates a family that can go through the bad and good times. He will always mention that his number one priority is to make whoever is in his chair look and feel more beautiful than when they came in.